Stratus Building Solutions
Fully Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services

Stratus Building Solutions is an experienced provider of Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services for retail, commercial, industrial, professional, governmental and multi-family buildings and real estate property. We deliver comprehensive best-in-class services for clients across the Globe.

Our complete and integrated service approach allows you to choose the type and extent of services required. Whether you "bundle" services for totally outsourced care or engage individual services, Stratus Building Solutions will customize a program to address your specific needs.

Our clients rely on us every day to help preserve the value and appearance of their real estate assets. We ensure that each facility is properly maintained to enhance the facility's operating efficiency, cleanliness, safety and visual appeal. We deliver guaranteed and reliable maintenance solutions based on today's best practices, whether clients manage one property, several properties or large campuses.

As an industry leader and innovator, our services are environmentally-friendly and are designed to support your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects. Our "Stratus Green" services and products enable our clients, their employees and/or tenants the distinct and real advantages of working in healthier environments. This promotes lower absenteeism, higher tenant retention and offers a competitive edge in attracting today's premium environmentally conscious business clients.

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